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Aqua Bumps

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Come and get your bump wet with Aqua Bumps!

Aqua Bumps is a prenatal class designed and run by a qualified

instructor in our fun and relaxed state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facility. This program focuses on preparation for birth and also postnatal recovery.

7:15pm to 8pm

$15 per session

Book your spot today by calling 08 7089 6666

The benefits of Aqua Bumps include:
  • Body weight is supported during exercise. This places less stress on joints and ligaments than exercising on land, so there is less chance of joint injury.

  • The weight of the uterus is supported so women experience less abdominal heaviness when exercising in water, especially in the last few months of pregnancy.

  • The pressure of the water helps to improve venous blood flow, and this can help to reduce swelling in the lower limbs.

  • Water resistance boosts strength, endurance, stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, core strength, and most importantly, the pelvic floor.

How can Aqua Bumps help?
Hear from Hilz, our fantastic Aqua Bumps instructor, about how Aqua Bumps can help at every stage of your pregnancy journey.
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Meet Our Instructor: Hilary Wansbury

Hilary is a fitness leader specialising in aquatic exercise classes and has been in the industry for 38 years. Hilary has delivered specialised classes ranging from prenatal to people managing chronic conditions and issues ranging from arthritis, mental health, neurological and physical disabilities also including individuals participating in WorkCover and occupational health and safety programs.

Hilary's classes are inclusive, safe, professionally run, she continues to train and diversify her exercise programs throughout her 38 years of delivering classes, teaching, training, and presenting at health and fitness conferences and seminars.