Arthritis SA

"I found the hydro program has helped immensely. I have less pain in my joints and I am able to perform more everyday tasks"

Water has the unique ability to decrease the effects of gravity, making movement more comfortable. The warm water helps your muscles relax, reduces joint stress, and encourages healing. It has also proven to be extremely helpful in the management of arthritis.

Arthritis SA offers hydrotherapy to people living with arthritis and related musculoskeletal conditions. These sessions aim to help improve strength, flexibility, balance while also being joint friendly.  

Hydro Move


Designed for those new to hydrotherapy. Begin improving your strength, flexibility, balance and fitness with a tailored program.


Track your progress! Pre and post fitness testing required for your individualised exercise program.


6 week program

45 minute classes

Cost: $105

Hydro Fit


Designed for those who are ready for more of a challenge or are regularly active. Work towards maintaining and building your health and wellbeing.

Pre and post fitness testing available on request.

12 week program

45 minute classes

Cost: $180

Repeat a program as many times as you like!

$30 for fitness testing and exercise program - compulsory for those new to the Hydro Move program.

Please call Arthritis SA on 08 8379 5711 or email for more details and to enrol.

Ask your health insurance provider about rebates.

Always consult your doctor when deciding to start an exercise program.