Arthritis SA

Water fitness can have amazing effects on your health!

Water has the unique ability to decrease the effects of gravity, making movement more comfortable. The warm water helps your muscles relax, reduces joint stress, and encourages healing. It has also proven to be extremely helpful in the management of arthritis.

Arthritis SA offers hydrotherapy to people living with arthritis and related musculoskeletal conditions. These sessions aim to help improve strength, flexibility, balance while also being joint friendly.  


The Arthritis SA Hydro Program is structured as a 10-week program that aligns with the SA school terms.

Level 1

This program is designed for those just beginning their exercise regime or have recently had joint replacement surgery.

Level 2

This program is aimed at individuals who have progressed from Level 1 or have been regularly active for a length of time and are looking for a challenge.

Hydro Circuit

This class is appropriate for anyone to come along to. Variations of ease/difficulty for each exercise are given so that you can choose to work to a comfortable intensity for your body and arthritis.


$135 per term

(1 session per week)

$270 per term

(2 sessions per week)

Please call Arthritis SA on 08 8379 5711 or email for more details and to enrol.

Ask your health insurance provider about rebates.