Adelaide’s first dedicated hydrotherapy facility will run on green energy

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Opening in July 2020, Adelaide Hydrotherapy’s development team is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint and create a clean, environmentally-friendly space for all to enjoy.

Adelaide Hydrotherapy opens in Welland this July and will be Adelaide’s first dedicated hydrotherapy facility—a functional, welcoming, accessible space for people to enjoy exercise and assist with healing. What’s more, our innovative building will be powered by green energy. It will feature a 144kWh solar array on the rooftop—a collection of solar panels that will work together to generate electricity from the sun’s rays. Our decision to run on green energy means the facility will create net-zero carbon emissions, leading to a clean, environmentally-friendly space for our employees and customers to enjoy.


“Solar is a clean, renewable source of energy that can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lower our impact on the natural environment.”


Our team’s decision to use solar energy to power the facility falls in line with the City of Adelaide’s commitment to fueling our community with 100% renewable electricity. We’re excited to be a part of Adelaide’s goal to become one of the first carbon-neutral cities in the world—not to mention the benefits for our planet. In addition to running on green energy, our site will be enhanced by lush plants and inspiring artwork. This is an imperative part of our design goal—we believe a clean, comforting, environmentally-sound location is essential for fast healing and positive well-being.


“This is an investment in our future. Solar energy is one of the most consumer-friendly and innovative options available in the clean energy arena.”


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