Can hydrotherapy benefit people with fibromyalgia?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Can hydrotherapy benefit people with fibromyalgia?

Studies show a sustained hydrotherapy regime can be effective in easing fibromyalgia symptoms.

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic treatment option that allows for greater flexibility and decreased joint stress. The warm temperature of a hydrotherapy pool (set between 33°c and 36°c) creates an ideal environment for sore, tight muscles to relax and move freely.

According to Rheumatology International, hydrotherapy may ease symptoms for people with fibromyalgia, improving their overall quality of life. Exercise, in general, is cited as beneficial for people with this condition—but typical exercises, such as walking and running, can put stress on the joints. The buoyant, flowing properties of water create a low-impact, relaxing environment in which to enjoy exercise. The thermal effects of warm water also help to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

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Hydrotherapy programs are tailored to suit the individual. Modern technology means pool temperatures and pressure settings can be adjusted. As you progress through your program, your goals and abilities may change—and your treatment can change with you. By working with your physiotherapist, you can create a hydrotherapy routine to suit your needs. Fibromyalgia symptoms are best treated with a regular therapy program.

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