Swimclusion offers water-based therapy for individuals on the Autism Spectrum of any age to help develop skills in a supportive environment.

Tailored for individuals on the Autism Spectrum, Swimclusion offers specialised one-on-one sessions in a calm, sensory-friendly environment.

Our caring and knowledgeable instructors will personalise sessions to the needs and goals of each individual and guide them through activities in one-on-one sessions to assist in reaching these goals.​


Adelaide Hydrotherapy welcomes NDIS participants; we work with Plan Managed and Self Managed clients. 

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How can Swimclusion help?
Emma from our clinical team explain how Swimclusion can help your child in achieving their goals.

Learning to swim is a vital skill for everyone living in Australia. Swimclusion assists those on the Autism Spectrum to learn the essential skills they need to stay safe in the water, as well as for their own development.​ These skills include:

  • Water safety and drowning prevention – how to safely enter and exit bodies of water, becoming familiar with an aquatic environment, breath control and floating;

  • Gross motor skills – strength, balance and coordination;

  • Fine motor skills – grip, hand and finger strength;

  • Social and communication skills.

Hydrotherapy has also shown to be helpful with sensory and emotional regulation with the hydrostatic pressure of the water easing sensory issues and the soothing effects of the water, especially warm water, helping to regulate emotions such as frustration and anxiety.

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